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Alien: Covenant Image — Weyland-Yutani Agents Ready for a Fight

When James Cameron stepped into the director’s chair for the 1986 follow-up to Ridley Scott’s chest-bursting franchise starter Alien, he brought along some distinct changes. Among them was the clever pluralizing of the original film’s title – denoting both its status as a sequel, as well as the inclusion of more than one of the terrifying xenomorphs that wreaked havoc aboard the Nostromo – and the tagline “This time it’s Читать далее

Gal Gadot Says U.N. Wonder Woman Controversy is ‘Unfair’

In October, the United Nations appointed Wonder Woman as an Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. The move, which hit amidst the DC Comic character’s 75th anniversary celebration, was made to help raise awareness for Sustainable Development Goal 5, a campaign designed to “achieve gender quality and empower all women and girls,” according to the UN’s website.

It seemed a fitting choice, given the feminist Читать далее

Star Wars: Rogue One Alternate Character Designs Revealed

This week has been a big one for Star Wars fans, as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story finally hit theaters. Now that the film is out, fans can begin analyzing it for even more Easter eggs and reference to other Star Wars films and beyond. That’s going to require a lot of dedication on behalf of the audience, but it may well result in an all-new appreciation for the movie and what it brings to the ever-expanding Star Wars mythos. Читать далее

Civil War Comic Writer Thinks Captain America 3 Was Too ‘Bleak’

When Marvel Studios made their grand Phase 3 announcement, it began with them titling the third Captain America film, Captain America: Serpent Society. It was just a ruse, as the studio later revealed the true title to be Captain America: Civil War, which led comic readers to question how closely the film would follow the 2006 Civil War comic story written by Mark Millar. Ultimately, Kevin Feige and directors Joe and Читать далее

Suicide Squad is IMDB’s ‘Most Popular’ Movie of 2016

Suicide Squad is IMDB's 'Most Popular' Movie of 2016
David Ayer and Margot Robbie Suicide Squad Suicide Squad is IMDBs Most Popular Movie of 2016

Though Doctor Strange didn’t make the cut, likely due to it coming out so late in the year, Civil War, Deadpool, and X-Men: Apocalypse landed top spots alongside Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is likely encouraging to the studios and to fans as well. The critical response of both DCEU films this year led to a petition against Rotten Tomatoes, the aggregation site that pulls together the opinions of film critics. Читать далее

Power Rangers Movie: Original Green Ranger Confirmed for Cameo?

Power Rangers Movie: Original Green Ranger Confirmed for Cameo?
Power Rangers Actor Seemingly Confirms Jason David Frank the Green and White Ranger for the Movie Reboot Power Rangers Movie: Original Green Ranger Confirmed for Cameo? [Updated]

The shot above comes from the Instagram of actor Blake Foster, who previously starred in Power Rangers Turbo alongside Frank. If you look closely, you’ll notice that as he and a fan argue about his criticisms of the film (and Goldar’s new look in particular), he reveals that “JDF is in it.” This more than likely refers to Jason David Frank.

While this far from a confirmed source for the news Frank’s alleged cameo, Читать далее

Dunkirk IMAX Prologue Footage Description

Dunkirk IMAX Prologue Footage Description
Dunkirk Teaser Trailer Dunkirk IMAX Prologue Footage Description

All three individual plot threads begin to interweave together as the action escalates, before the sound of an incoming German Stuka overtakes the soundtrack, and the entire picture cuts to the Dunkirk title card — but not before viewers see Hardy’s plane descending perilously from the sky in a post-credit snippet.  Given the fact that history has already been written, viewers can find out for themselves how the evacuation efforts Читать далее