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Why Is Optimus Prime Fighting Bumblebee in Transformers 5’s Trailer?

Michael Bay’s Transformers films have been criticized for featuring storylines that are overly convoluted or confusing – especially for a franchise based on cartoons about good and evil teams of transforming robots. But the property does have a fairly dense mythology, and fans continue to pore over trailers like the new one for Transformers: The Last Knight looking for clues as to what’s coming next. The biggest question Читать далее

Transformers 5 Sets Up Several Spinoffs!

Transformers Movie Spinoff Ideas Transformers: The Last Knight Directly Connects to Spinoffs

After Transformers: The Last Knight opens in theaters next summer, Paramount Pictures plans to move to an annualized release schedule for the Hasbro toy based movie franchise. The first of these is 2018’s Bumblebee spinoff, followed by the untitled Transformers 6 in 2019, and after that it’s anyone’s guess.

Paramount knows though. It’s all part of a long-term plan to implement a Marvel-style shared cinematic universe Читать далее

Ryan Reynolds Named EW’s Entertainer of the Year

Ryan Reynolds Named EW's Entertainer of the Year
reynolds entertainer of the year Ryan Reynolds Named EWs Entertainer of the Year

Reynolds makes a certain amount of sense as Entertainer of the Year, both for the comeback narrative and the sheer strength of Deadpool and its popularity. Sure, Deadpool is only the fifth-highest grossest film of the year, but the highest that has contained a legitimate movie star lead performance – the four ahead of it either was animated (Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets), or contained an ensemble cast (Captain America: Civil War, The Jungle Book).

Who could it have been besides Reynolds? Some fans may lament the passing-over of Beyonce, who gave us both the Lemonade short film and album of the same name this year. Lin-Manuel Miranda presided over the Hamilton juggernaut as it continued to crush Broadway records while spreading to music and a PBS documentary; Miranda also wrote well-regarded songs for Disney’s Moana. How about Kate McKinnon, for her SNL work and a series of wonderfully weird movie performances? Or an all-cast award, as EW has given out several times in the past, to Game of Thrones, or perhaps Stranger Things?


Jumanji Adds West Wing Star Tim Matheson

Jumanji Adds West Wing Star Tim Matheson
jumanji 2017 cast costumes Jumanji Adds West Wing Star Tim Matheson

Matheson has previously starred in Aaron Sorkin’s highly acclaimed television series The West Wing as Vice President John Hoynes, a role that snagged him two Emmy nominations. Matheson appeared on Burn Notice for several episodes and played more recently played President Ronald Reagan in Killing Reagan, a television movie that aired on the National Geographic Channel. Even with those films and TV shows on his resume, he’s Читать далее

SNL’s Kate McKinnon to Star in YA Adaptation The Lunch Witch

SNL's Kate McKinnon to Star in YA Adaptation The Lunch Witch
The Lunch Witch Book Adaptation SNLs Kate McKinnon to Star in YA Adaptation The Lunch Witch

McKinnon will play Grunhilda, a woman from a family of witches. In The Lunch Witch, Grunhilda inherits the recipes and cauldron used by her ancestors, but after years of her family stirring up recipes and causing trouble, no one seems to believe in magic anymore. So, Grunhilda gets a job as a lunch lady at the local school, with cooking being one of her only skills. At school, Grunhilda befriends Madison, a young outcast girl with thick Читать далее

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Gets a New Game Trailer

The South Park television series has been long-lived, now well into its 20th Season on Comedy Central. Being an equal opportunity satire, it has recently ridiculed everything from Star Wars retreads to 2016’s heated Presidential election. But South Park has also evolved past its roots as a simple linear narrative and into the genre of open world video game RPGs. 2014’s South Park: The Stick of Truth wasn’t the first Читать далее

Little Shop of Horrors Remake Being Directed by DCTV’s Greg Berlanti

Little Shop of Horrors Remake Being Directed by DCTV's Greg Berlanti
Rick Moranis in Little Shop of Horrors Little Shop of Horrors Remake Being Directed by DCTVs Greg Berlanti

Bill Murray and Steve Martin also appeared in minor roles in the 1986 Little Shop of Horrors movie, with R&B legend Levi Stubbs memorably providing the voice of the monster plant, Audrey II. The plant itself was a famously elaborate full-sized mechanical puppet that required 60 operators at its largest scale (one ton in weight) and a unique filming process, wherein human actors had to move and deliver their lines in slow-motion in order Читать далее