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Zack Snyder Posts Star Wars V Batman V Superman Trailer

Star Wars fans are currently rejoicing as the premiere of the first in a series of anthology films, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is just a week away from hitting theaters. And after the disappointment that was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year, many DC fans are wishing Zack Snyder would take a cue from the minds at Lucasfilm. Though the burgeoning DCEU has its share of fans, many have been upset at the Читать далее

New X-Men Movie Reportedly Starting Production in May 2017

20th Century Fox certainly has a lot on its hands in terms of its X-Men universe output. As far as the primary series is concerned, reports suggest that another movie is planned with the central trio of Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy set in the 90s. Additionally, there is the New Mutants feature to be directed by Josh Boone, the forthcoming Wolverine sequel Logan, the Channing Tatum-fronted Gambit Читать далее

An X-Wing is Parked in LA For Rogue One Premiere

Long gone are the days of waiting years or even decades for a new Star Wars film. With Episode VII: The Force Awakens still fresh in the mind of fans, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is less than a week and a half away from premiering. The tale, which will be the first in a line of proposed spinoffs to release in between installments of the classic saga, centers around a group of Rebels and their plans to steal the Читать далее

Rogue One: Alan Tudyk Discusses How the Characters Compare

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first film in the series without a chapter number to call its own. A spinoff from the legacy of the Skywalkers, the film instead focuses on the non-force powered soldiers of the Rebel Alliance and their struggle against the Galactic Empire. One of these rebel agents is K-2SO, an Imperial droid voiced and mo-capped by Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Moana), who was acquired and reprogrammed by the rebel Читать далее

Leslie Jones Wants To Be In Deadpool 2

leslie jones Leslie Jones Wants To Be In Deadpool 2

Leslie Jones is having a moment. The comedy veteran went from “Angry Subway Patron” in Trainwreck to Ghostbusters breakout in under a year, solidifying herself as a Hollywood frontrunner. She’s proven her reputation off-screen, too: her live tweets on the summer Olympics were arguably better than the events themselves, and her presidential debate commentary added much needed levity to an exhausting campaign season.

Jones has Читать далее

The Mummy’s Gender & Design Changed Due to X-Men Similarities

The release of The Mummy trailer last weekend was exciting for a lot of reasons. It’s the first movie in the Universal Monsters shared universe, set to roll out into the likes of The Wolf Man, Frankenstein and Van Helsing, with things kicking-off by having Russell Crowe’s Dr Jekyll right at the center. It’s also a new Tom Cruise film that promises lots of high-octane stunts and set pieces (such as a crash sequence Читать далее

Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Passes 100 Million Views In 2 Days

With 2016 nearly at an end, moviegoers have started to look forward to the film slate of 2017. There will be no shortage of massive franchise fare next year, and one of the bigger projects on the horizon is Transformers: The Last Knight. The fifth installment in the lucrative action series, Last Knight is being positioned as a new entry point for viewers, as well as the first step in Paramount’s plan to annualize the property Читать далее