Logan Image: Hugh Jackman is ‘Old Man Wolverine’

Logan Image: Hugh Jackman is 'Old Man Wolverine'

20th Century Fox’s teaser trailer for Logan, the third Wolverine spinoff film as well as the final one starring Hugh Jackman as the movie’s adamantium-clawed namesake, has now been classified. That means that the movie’s first theatrical preview will soon be arriving online (possibly even this week, at the time of writing this), before it screens in theaters – no doubt, attached to prints of movies such as fellow Marvel comic book adaptation, Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange, among others over the approaching end-of-year holiday season.

Until then though, the series of black and white photographs depicting places and characters in Logan that have been released so far will have to suffice. Fortunately, the latest addition to that growing pile of images is a cool one: the first official look at Jackman in the film, where he looks appropriately Old Man Logan-ish as a bearded and worse-for-wear Wolverine (one who, reportedly, looks this way as a result of his mutant healing ability having begun to fade at last in the film).

You can check out the full image of Jackman as Old Man Wolverine/Logan that was posted online by Logan director James Mangold (through his Twitter account), below:

Logan Image: Hugh Jackman is 'Old Man Wolverine'



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