Adult imaginary friend

20-Oct-2020 15:47

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Animals can be magical (like Dipper, “an invisible flying dolphin who lives on a star”), and people can be much younger, much older (like Nobby, “ an invisible 160-year-old businessman who talks to the child in between trips to Portland and Seattle”), or peers with unusual traits (for example, Taylor wrote, “Baintor is a tiny completely white person who lives in the light of lamps, Jerry lives in a secret vault, the Skateboard Guy lives in a boy’s And, sometimes, imaginary friends can be made-up extensions of real people.

One girl she studied, Taylor recalls, had an imaginary playmate she named Fake Rachel, after a friend of hers.

Until relatively recently, though, the loss of an imaginary friend wouldn’t be considered something worth mourning.

Past research in India and New Guinea, meanwhile, has noted that the concept of imaginary friends doesn’t seem to exist.

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