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29-Nov-2020 15:00

I like watching films and going to concerts or events alone.

I get the opportunity to take in things that I may not have noticed in the company of others.

It’s the result of a long history of racism towards, and misrepresentation of, Arab Muslims.

Arab men are unfairly seen as domineering, unyielding and angry, due in part to the Middle Eastern political and cultural climate—so not the kind of guy that you want to date.

From the dresses, to the hair and makeup, all the way down to the lovely high heels, I seem to constantly fret about being just right.

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They will tell you everything is your fault and go crying to mommy. You will need to cook arab food but it will never be like moms or aunts or sisters. My screen time has nosedived and I don’t plan on going back.For many people being alone might seem like a bad state to be in, and society tends to view those who are alone as somehow in need of fixing. I enjoy being in the company of my thoughts, movements and dispositions.In your profile setup there were sections you could fill out to denote your religion and cultural background.

You could also fill out preferences in your ideal mate including their religion and their cultural background.

They’re like tie-in chapters, bridging together diverse character narratives within my patched-up story.

I've decided not to have sex with white people any more. "Arab guys make me so horny – I hear you're all very dominant and aggressive in.… continue reading »

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What it's like being an Arab Muslim man dating online. Islam, sex and the struggle to get some. As an Egyptian Muslim girl, losing my virginity.… continue reading »

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