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To achieve these key reflexes and make sure you don’t butcher the pronunciation of French verbs, there is no better tool than my French Verb Drills series.

In 6-minute training sessions, you will memorize the most used verbs and their tenses AND pronounce them like today’s native French speakers do.

Make sure you also study your French linking words, adverbs and adjectives.

They do add a dimension to the conversation, however, many students only study the exceptions and never get to learn lists of useful adjectives.

But whatever you chose to use yourself when you speak French, you need to be able to understand today’s French so you understand French people, movies, and even pass the “oral comprehension” part of formal DELPH or CEFR exams.

As an advanced speaker of French, it’s time to drop some knowledge and show off your mastery of the French language.

When interacting, if you have to think too long before you are able to come up with your verb form, you will spend your time “preparing’ your next phrase and not really get into the actual conversation. Do it in the affirmative and the negative forms, so the whole thing comes quickly to you.

So, choose things that you like, like listening to French songs, but don’t pass on things that you need, like drilling on your French prepositions… The goal is at hand, but how do you go from being a confident French speaker to becoming really fluent? So, you need to take a good look at yourself and figure out your priorities. Yet other students feel confident when they speak, but have a hard time understanding everybody.I suggest you memorize some Subjunctive constructions you can easily drop in conversations… People master grammar in different ways: you may excel at mimicking a construction…

other students may be better when they understand and study the said construction…. My tip is to select a method that covers both: explains everything very clearly from the standpoint of an English speaker, and then give you plenty of examples (with French audio recordings of course).

But their French is not adapted to today’s modern French language.

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