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Jimmy Kimmel had strong words for Sean Hannity on Thursday after the Fox News host slammed Kimmel and unleashed the conservative outrage machine on him.

On Wednesday night, Sean Hannity spent a portion of his show going after Jimmy Kimmel for what Kimmel said about Melania Trump on Monday.

"He was in all of the battle scenes, trained with combat choreographers and played on that set all summer," Hart told The Wrap of his son's uncredited role -- one that Spielberg personally offered to him. You can also find "Hook" trivia, quotes and goofs on IMDb.

“You could be first lady of the United States.” On Wednesday, Hannity played that clip and referred to Kimmel as “a– clown Kimmel,” going off on a tirade about respect and how you shouldn’t make fun of the accent of an immigrant. Also Read: Jimmy Kimmel Skeptical Melania Helped With Trump Easter Party: ' The Only Thing She's Been Working on Is an Escape Tunnel' (Video) “I woke up this morning, early. Who by the way I thought were my “and Friends,” Fox, but they are not, it turns out. If I’m an a– clown, and I might very well be, you, Sean, are the whole a– circus.

Because there is nothing important going on in the country right now, Sean Hannity and his fellow Fox News ‘people’ spent a lot of time talking about me today,” Kimmel said, doing finger quotes when he said “people.” After playing the clip of Hannity being outraged by his joke at Melania Trump’s expense, Kimmel came back with his own set of harsh owns for Hannity. You’re the juggler, you’re the trapeze artist, you are the a– lion tamer and the a– human cannonball all jammed into one little car.

“This is the guy who defended the multiply-alleged pedophile Roy Moore,” Kimmel said. You are the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey of A– Clownsmanship.” Also Read: Seth Meyers: Trump Is ' Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic After It Already Sunk' (Video) Kimmel also had to note the irony of Hannity getting mad at a joke about an immigrant, and how Hannity hasn’t been all that upset at certain others being allegedly disrespectful to Melania, like Donald Trump himself.

That's because it's the rare reality show that has actually produced some bona fide pop stars, hit-makers and even an Oscar winner.

Whoever wins has a tough road getting there, and an even tougher climb up this ladder of the highest "Idol" alumni in album sales.

Here’s my best transcription from the 30-second mark: Nixon: Never in the White House, no church service, nothing with Mrs. And no photographer The initial idea for the 1991 Steven Spielberg film "Hook" came when screenwriter Jim Hart's six-year-old son Jake asked him an innocent question one day: "What if Peter Pan grew up?

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