Dirty chatting

21-Dec-2020 07:03

I love it when girls talk about other men while we have sex.

Who it was, how he took her and how big his d*** was.

We used to message each other all day long and talk dirty via text, while I was in class. I recently had a play session with someone who enjoyed being belittled.

His most regular request was that I call him daddy, which I was fine with. I was in a dominant role then, and the meaner I was to him, the bigger his hard-on got.

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The man in question was neither of the above; he was tall and handsome, with a delightful c**k.Some men have also come within seconds and enjoy giving compliments.They will say ‘I don’t know what it is about you but how do you do that? I am a member of an adult entertainment site where I have a live webcam. In the bedroom, I like to hear ‘it doesn’t matter what you wear, just how I take it off’.There was one guy who told me to put my knickers in my mouth and suck on them.

And another who kept telling me to put a finger up his bum.Personally, I like silence in the bedroom or the usual moaning.But, last year I had a brief online fling with a guy who kept saying that he was the alpha male of all males and that I should call him daddy.I’ve even asked a girl to say another guy’s name once, while I f***ed her.

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