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27-May-2020 05:02

Then, globally too Tetra Pak has been continually working towards reducing energy usage and in 2009 Tetra Pak reported to have accomplished 25 % improvement in energy efficiency from 2002.

Following this global lead, Tetra Pak Pakistan conducted thorough scientific research into its energy usage, both at its factory and its head office, to identify various opportunities of energy conservation.

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Fiber and poly aluminum are separated and then recovered fiber is used to make printing paper, paper bags, tissue paper, liner-board for corrugated boxes and other similar products.Two separate teams were constituted for the work at the factory and the head office.Each team comprised of three people who were in charge of three separate divisions, named illumination study, load flow study and photovoltaic study.Considerable thought and planning went into deriving the methodology for this study.

The first step was to comprehend the situation and collect data.In Pakistan, Tetra Pak has initiated and supported used beverage cartons recycling projects for a number of years, even going on to win the Environmental Excellence Award at the prestigious Asian CSR Awards in 2009 for its recycling initiative.Now Tetra Pak Pakistan is focusing on an area, reduction in energy usage, which is deeply significant for a number of reasons.Not only is this the ‘need of the hour’ all over the world, especially for high energy usage businesses, it is particularly vital in the Pakistani context, where the country is facing a huge shortfall of energy of 3000 to 4000 megawatts, or about 25 percent of demand, and with no long-term solution in sight.

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