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12-Feb-2020 13:35

It is important for parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) teens to remember each child is unique and will have their own experiences and feelings along the way.

Feelings of being "different" emerge throughout childhood, although it may not be clear to the child what the feelings means.

Children may first come out to online communities or peers they perceive as safe and accepting before telling their family.

Teens feel secure enough in who they are and share that information with loved ones.

Children may begin exploring gender and relationships before kindergarten, so "coming out" and sharing these feelings of being different with others may happen at any time.

For many kids, gender identity becomes clear around puberty as they develop gender characteristics and stronger romantic attractions.

For transgender and gender diverse teens, they may finally feel free to begin expressing themselves genuinely as the gender they feel inside.

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Just remember that children who feel loved and accepted for who they are have a much easier time.

Some will feel comfortable being open about their identity, while other teens may not tell anyone for a long time.

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