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05-Jan-2021 19:02

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more Objective: This article analyzes how some multiracial people-the "products" of interracial relationships-conceptualize what counts as an interracial relationship and how they discuss the circumstances that influence these definitions.

Background: Scholars have argued that the added complexity expanding multiracial populations contribute to dating and marriage market conditions requires additional study; this paper expands on limited research regarding how multiracial people perceive interraciality.

We argue that some white people’s aversion to dating and forming relationships with people of color is a form of racism, and this sexual racism is inconsistent with the spirit of Loving.

This Article reviews the relevant literature and offers a new theory, namely, that exposure to mainstream gay culture may teach sexual minority men that race and desire are closely intertwined.

Andy is one of few interlocutors within my broader ethnographic research on gay nightlife in Bangalore who dove deeply into how race bears on gender and pleasure in queer communities.

Our conversations make clear that race is a necessary category of cultural analysis (alongside caste, colonialism, region, religion) in India, and Andy’s narrative requires us to think about racial intimacies in the subcontinent beyond a brown-white hetero-colonial binary.

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I critiqued the stereotypical representations of the 'ideal' racalised and gendered bodies through matchmaking platforms, which if historicised, reflect the continuities of the imagery of mail-order brides.

In the interview, I problematised the complexity of Filipino women's agency in using dating websites...

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