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At this point you can tell her “When you are ready to play nicely, you can return.” Most, if not all, of your young child’s discipline at this age will center around her acting out (hitting, biting, screaming) for not getting her way, or perhaps throwing a tantrum.A child between the ages of two and six does not have the frustration tolerance, the language skills or reasoning abilities that an older child or an adult has.For the young child between the ages of two and six, the main thing to remember is to keep the discipline simple and easy to understand.Parents of teenagers can spend a lot of time lecturing them on why not getting chores done is a violation of house rules, and the teen will get it (well, maybe!), but if you attempt an ongoing discussion with your four-year-old, you’ll find you won’t have a very alert audience for too long.My rule of thumb for attempting to change a young child’s behavior is to be “swift and safe.” By swift, I mean move in quickly to correct the behavior and place your child in an environment where he or she will be safe since young children have a tendency to lash out physically when angry or disciplined.Before bedtime begins, I recommended they started saying to themselves, “I’m the parent here and I am in charge,” and then begin their bedtime ritual, which includes a declaration to Charlie: “From now on starting at we will begin our bedtime routine.

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As Charlotte’s parent, your job is to move in swiftly, lowering your body to meet Charlotte’s eyes and stating: “We don’t hit,” while taking the plane away.Having said that, it’s also important to acknowledge that it is almost to watch their little ones become even more upset.So the most important thing for you to do before you read any further is to acknowledge to yourself that discipline is not fun and rarely easy.I know being a consistent disciplinarian can be overwhelming, particularly with young children, so I encourage parents to have a slogan for themselves that they use when things begin to get out of control.

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Here’s an example: Charlie, age 5, deplores bedtime.However, without it your child will be at an enormous disadvantage throughout their school years and in their social life.Discipline teaches the most important values we as parents can impart to our children: self-control, boundaries, respect, and the ability to honor those around us. Step 1: Be “Swift and Safe.” Discipline is different for each stage of your child’s development.Joey gets the plane to play with while you watch your daughter.

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